History of Hotpittayakom school

History of Hotpittayakom School

Hotpittayakom School is located at 199 M.10 Hot-Wanglung Road, Hangdong Sub-district, Hot District Chiangmai, 50240. The School is under the jurisdiction of Chaing Mai Secondary Educational office area 34. (Chiang Mai- Maehongson) the Telephone and facsimile number is 053-461109, the school’s E-mail address is Hodpitayakom@hotmail.com and our website iswww.hpk.ac.th.The classes we offer are from Matthayomsuksa 1 to 6. We have 928 students. There are 46 teachers, included the 40 government teachers and 6 employed teachers. The school current land area is 115 rai. 

          Mr. Manoon Potawan is the School’s director. He has held this position since 4th February 2011. His highest degree is master of education and Administrator of Education

          There are 2 deputy-directors. The first is Mr.Jittipon Thinochai who manages the Student Affair Department.  He graduated with a bachelor degree in Physics Education. The other is Mr.Chawinnawat Suttiputtiwong who manages the Academic Affair Department. He with a graduated master’s degree in Education

To the second part of my topic. ‘Our school Curriculum Structure.’

          Hotpittayakom School Curriculum is divided into lower high school and upper high school. They are based on a core standard curriculum, school of 1998 with in sufficiency and towards ASAEN development. There are various rewarding courses for our students such as Science-Math, Math-English, Art-Social studies, Math-Computer, Chinese-English and Math-Accounting.

          In addition there are many extra learning curriculums at our school. For example project learning where the students are evaluated by outside professionals person in every term, world-class standard learning, English Intergraded Studies(EIS). We also have foreign teachers from Australia and China. Also an always organized academic camp for students to successful in the test of GAT, PAT, Quota, O-net, NT and LAS


โรงเรียนฮอดพิทยาคม 199 หมู่ 10 ตำบลหางดง อำเภอฮอด จังหวัดเชียงใหม่ 50240
โทรศัพท์:052-080772 โทรสาร:053-461109 E-mail: school@hpk.ac.th
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